Thursday, June 21, 2012

For Sale: Custom Virtua Fighter 5 FS Stick

Hi all you Virtua Fighter 5 FS players on XBL!
Ever thought: "Man, my record would've been better if I just disconnected in time"?
How about the time when the Guard Button got in the way while you almost mashed the win??
Well we got the answer for you...
Buy our custom made
VF5FS Super Arcade Stick!
It's made just for you with features like:
  • No Guard button! Why put a button there you never use anyways right?
  • Easy Disconnect button! No need to unplug and plug to continue your mashing experience!
BUY NOW FOR ONLY $299.99!! Supplies are limited due to high demand!! We've already got pre-orders from famous VFDC players such as: TSPAM, Glory, Cozby, Brisal, and pretty much all the Brad, El Blaze and Jean players. Don't miss this once in a life chance! You COULD win EVO2k12 with this!!!

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